Welcome to El-Khayyat Gypsum Factories

Since 2010 we have committed to our selves to take the best known products in this industry and for the develop it and offer it to our clients. Delivering it from Yambu to the world.

The Gypsum Factory Video

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Gypsum Powder

In our state-of-the-art factories in Yanbu Industrial City, the profess the rock in several stages by crushing and grinding, reducing it to a very fine product prior to being calcined by heating. During the process...

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Gypsum Board

The stucco produced by calcination in the Plaster Mill is also transferred to the plasterboard manufacturing plant which is located in the same premises, just adjacent to our plaster (powder) making facility...

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Why choose our products? Watch our certificates of Wather & Fire Resistance - Wather Resistance - Fire Resistance - Regular. For more information please send us a message from the contact page...


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